Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Which brach to study in Bit?

What is the best department to study in Bit. This is a question which every one grapples before joining BIT, when they have to decide the trade to take. But they know the answer as soon as they join. Obviously it’s the branch they are studying, because *they* are studying in that department.
Even after studying here for 7 semesters, I probably am ill qualified to comment on this. Coz there are just too many parameters. But it is possible if we judge on only one parameter, the holy grail, placement scenario.
Here is my ranking. Mind you its just my ranking, but Ill try to give reasons.
2.Comp. Science
3.Info. Tech
ECE had the best placements, both in terms of percentage of people placed, and in quality of placement. Computer Science too has equally good placement and it is probably a chiller branch than ECE, with less workload. But I rate ECE better for two reasons. One, because *I* am in this branch and two because guys with better AIEEE ranks generally choose this. So you will be in better company.
Mechanical is great branch with extremely good infrastructure, but it really looses in the placement wars. People with lower AIEEE ranks choose IT, and had a lower GPA, but still got better jobs. EEE had a poor placement record this year. I would have liked to rate it higher, but the placements do not warrant it. Then all other branches are equally good or bad, and also I do not know enough to make a choice there. Yeah polymer had a 100% placement this year. But it is not guaranteed every year,(polymer had only 6 people).


Srikanth said...

How much AIEEE Rank minimum should one secure to get a CS, ECE or Mech. in BIT MESRA ?

sourabh said...

i m a first year student from cs branch. i had an A.I.R 4374. what gpa should i maintain throughout so that i can achieve quality placement. i recently switched over from ece to cs .

niraj said...

each and every branch of BIT is equally good than any other branch,then y this ranking is given. it is just a foolish thing to do

SKJ said...

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Krishna said...

how much aieee rank is needed 2 get civil in BIT

Krishna said...

hw uch aieee rank is neede 2 get civil in BIt

karishma said...

how much aieee rank is needed to get into BITS,mesra(CSE or IT)?

Jayeta said...


gauti said...

Rank varies from year to year...*directly proportional to the competition(no. of ppl appearin)* still if you wanna hav a general idea then you must hav a AIR under 20k...dis yr wid 17k rank ppl hav got polymr/biotech etc...if you want a good branch den ur rank must be under all the best...

gaurav said...

I m selctd in scra nd iit..So which will i prefer