Friday, June 30, 2006

Stats for this blog

Wanna know how many people are reading Bit Mesra Times.

I have been tracking the stastics of BIT Mesra times a long time, but I was not aware that you counld make the stats public. So here you go now.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello there....

So ppl..
I'm here too...
to torment your senses with horrible sounding words and crude language.. but then that's the way life's s'posed to be fun in a college.. ain't it?

First things first.. thanks shabda... for inviting me to this blog...
Geting down to brass tracks.. the campus is damn boring right now... Nikhil might be having a ball of a time working out in the evenings (under the tutelage of Hercules himself) or trampling all over the campus, but still... the campus is very boring, food is scarce.. and Gupta's stock of chips is staler than ever. The canteen's open, but it ain't going to matter much i guess... The insects are flying thick and fast.. golf ball sized god-knows-what s are flying into rooms that have been inadvertently left open...

Placements-wise: Microsoft has put a pretty steep requirement - a cut-off CGPA of 6.9... WOW!!!
Mechanical guys have had a bit of a raw deal this time.. most of the core companies have been given a star (*) status, which means once placed in that company, you CAN'T sit for another one... not even the Dream company. And with strong indications that Caterpillar and ABB would be visiting campus sometime later this year, it certainly is distressing news... But still.. the TnP cell has been known to be benevolent to the studens, So, there must be some strategy behind all this.. I for my part , am keeping my fingers crossed.

I've just come to know that this blog has been visited by Pant sir, and I just wish to clear up ONE thing for my readers... This essentially reamins an unofficial blog.. It's what the students have got to say about stuff... it's their own opinion... I mean, I certainly wouldn't like to get onto the wrong side of the administration... For more colorful and entertaining details, you can visit the other blog I write for... our very own

So long...
Will see ya all guys later...
(hopefully, with a job)
Every war has it's casualities...
Every victory it's price

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Microsoft On Campus

According to mail from the TPO, Microsoft is slated to visit the campus on 25th of July. Apart from MSFT and GOOG. The list of 12 companies include TATA MOTORS, TVS MOTORS, MARUTI UDYOG, L & T, Cummins, JUSCO, TATA STEEL and the IT biggies (ORACLE, TCS, INFY, CTS, Accenture and WIPRO).

Students(Girls included) have spent the entire summer vacations in the campus preparing for the placements. Post dinner discussions have drifted from the usual banter to dynamic memory allocation, optimum algorithms to how would you move mount Fuji to designing Bill Gates bathroom. Bill Gates Bathroom Wow!!(wonder how will it look..full of windows :)..I guess)

It rained today. The campus is looking very beautiful. WiFi completely rocks.. specially in the night.

This is my first post. I am Aditya. Take care. Happy surfing.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Hello people.
Shabda has moved on to greener pastures, to life beyond college. So, being the good responsible people that we are, we'll try to keep alive what he started.

Keeping you posted on whats happening @ BIT Mesra.

Firstly, for the first time, the management has decided to publish the Semester results in totality, complete with subjectwise grades. I guess we can actually look forward to checking our results on the web sometime in the near future now.Previously, we just had a list put up stating whether we had passed or flunked in a given subject. Now, there's GPA and subjectwise grades.

What Else? The 2k2 Batch has been trickling down to the campus for a day or two to get their Provisional Certificates and then onto Office Life. College Life has ended for most of them. For now atleast. We will of course be seeing them all at the convocation sometime around February 2007 now.

Surprisingly, Summer @ BIT is as bad this year as it usually is. I am referring to the weather.
it was actually like monsoons had arrived a month early in the first week of June. Bearable weather now. No more rains anymore, but not too hot either. The only major thing going on in the campus right now would be the NCC summer camp and some sorta work in Hostel 6.

Really keeping my fingers crossed this time. Let's see if we all get LAN when the regular semester kicks off in mid July.

That's about it.

Best of Luck to 2k2 for their new lives at their jobs or further studies.
And to 2k3 who are preparing for their Placements.