Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So finally its all in the papers. The drugs problem which bit so desperately tried to say does not exist, now every one knows it. But like the deceased parents accused people of murdering him, so the people here had to tell all.

And it was also not exactly drugs. The guy was into thinners and whiteners. You can get that in any stationary shop. It not something anyone can stop. So it was probably stupid of BIT to try to stop the news. And the matter is now quieter, not like two days when every newspaper and news channel had its reporter posted here.

Till now no FIR had been filed against BIT. Hopefully it will not be.

There was a drama competition, the laughter challenge organized by the Dramsoc. As usual humor full of porn, stale jokes. But this time I dint take the risk and dint go.

There is genesis being organized tomorrow. That’s annual competition by the Unesco. Then there is harditude, softitude and one bazillion other events coming up. Heck I hate being in the final year. You can’t participate in an event. And I am not a club president or that good that I judge. So long time I was involved with an event.

Oh and as usual I am a day late posting this.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Its getting nasty!

If you are reading newspapers, by now you will be aware that parents of amit lal have filed a case against bit. And it seems life that the police is going to get an warrant against our Vice -chancellor. Now, I no big fan of our VC, In fact you may say I hate him. But still its gonna hurt the reputation of out collega like anything. So we can only hope that it doesnot snowball into anything major.
Yeah and BTW, the stupid rules are still here. Be have to sign, get permission for going out, all the works.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

So called suisides at Bit

Ah, one more of our college-mates has passed away, falling to drugs. And again the BIT management is trying to save its ass by not letting the name of Institute be dragged into anything related with drugs. So it is trying to project this death again as a suiside. But everyone here at the college knows, and now the world too knows that all this is sham and the drugs problem is being highlighted by the media.
This pressure from the media has put tremendous pressure on the Bit management and so they have to do something. So in their infinite wisdom they have made more rules. Draconian and 100% non enforceable rules. Like noone can go outside the college campus without permission. That there will be a roll call for every one in the evening. Rules which can in no way hamper the sale or procurement of drugs, but rules which will just cause discomfort to the average guy. In short, just the rules you will expect BIT to form.