Saturday, November 26, 2005

These days we are making some real progress. Period! The collage has got a amazing speed net connection(100+ KBps per computer), and about 50 computers in the institute have been connected. We have a public WiFi hotspot near the collage with as good speed. And there is a plan to coonect all the hostels. What more can you ask?
Finally a ATM too was set up in the collage(SBI). God it was really needed.

Monday, November 21, 2005

College is Wifi enabled!

It seems that Wifi was in college from some time. Just that it is only in the collage and not in the hostels. But fortunately its a unsecured Wifi network with anyone able to login. So people from hostel 1 are using it, coz it is the only hostel where Wifi network reaches.
And it has amazing speed, too. But we are still using our trusty dial up. A wifi card is too costly, and we dont know till when the network will be unsecured.

Friday, November 11, 2005

These days wikipedia is the definitive source of information. So just for funs I checked wikipedia to find out what it has to say about our college. Oh no! It does not even list our college. Any one can put up an article in wikipedia. SO it really pained me to see no one from our college has bothered. So this is what I put up about our college there. Please add to it by visiting Search for bit mesra and you may read or edit this.

* 1 Birla Institute of Technology
o 1.1 Courses Offered
o 1.2 Extension Centres
o 1.3 External links

Birla Institute of Technology

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra polularly known as BIT, Mesra is a collage of engineering and related subjects, located in Mesra, near Ranchi, the capital of Jarkhand.It was established in 1955 by Mr. B M Birla. It is a "Deemed University" under Sec. 3 of the Indian U.G.C. act 1986.

Courses Offered

The college offers BE and ME degrees in following disciplines. 1.Civil Engineering 2.Computer Science & Engineering 3.Electrical & Electronics Engineering 4.Electronics & Communication Engineering 5.Mechanical Engineering 6.Polymer Engineering 7.Production Engineering 8.Remote Sensing 9.Space Engineering and Rocketry 10.Applied Mechanics It also offers the courses in pharmacy, architecture and manamgement.

Extension Centres

The college has extension centres in India and abroad at Ranchi,Allahabad, Kolkata, Noida, Jaipur and Chennai.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Which brach to study in Bit?

What is the best department to study in Bit. This is a question which every one grapples before joining BIT, when they have to decide the trade to take. But they know the answer as soon as they join. Obviously it’s the branch they are studying, because *they* are studying in that department.
Even after studying here for 7 semesters, I probably am ill qualified to comment on this. Coz there are just too many parameters. But it is possible if we judge on only one parameter, the holy grail, placement scenario.
Here is my ranking. Mind you its just my ranking, but Ill try to give reasons.
2.Comp. Science
3.Info. Tech
ECE had the best placements, both in terms of percentage of people placed, and in quality of placement. Computer Science too has equally good placement and it is probably a chiller branch than ECE, with less workload. But I rate ECE better for two reasons. One, because *I* am in this branch and two because guys with better AIEEE ranks generally choose this. So you will be in better company.
Mechanical is great branch with extremely good infrastructure, but it really looses in the placement wars. People with lower AIEEE ranks choose IT, and had a lower GPA, but still got better jobs. EEE had a poor placement record this year. I would have liked to rate it higher, but the placements do not warrant it. Then all other branches are equally good or bad, and also I do not know enough to make a choice there. Yeah polymer had a 100% placement this year. But it is not guaranteed every year,(polymer had only 6 people).

Mid Semester marks

Exams are going to start for BE from 23rd. The mid semester marks were declared yesterday, for most of the branches. This is a major problem here. The mid semester marks are declared about ten days before end semester examination.
It seems that everybody got more marks than they expected. I got my all time highest. This time the way marks were arranged on the notice board was really funny. You could call it numeric-alphabetical. It was like 1, 11, 112, 12, 21, 213, 22, 31. Got the idea? Weird? That’s life for us. He he. But it was lots of fun trying to find where your roll number was.
Blog is probably gonna be quieter till the exams end. Not that I am gonna study a lot, I just want to feel like I am trying to study.

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