Saturday, November 26, 2005

These days we are making some real progress. Period! The collage has got a amazing speed net connection(100+ KBps per computer), and about 50 computers in the institute have been connected. We have a public WiFi hotspot near the collage with as good speed. And there is a plan to coonect all the hostels. What more can you ask?
Finally a ATM too was set up in the collage(SBI). God it was really needed.


suvro said...

I need some urgent help...can u give me the contact details of the heads of ur dramatics, dance and music societies...I need to send invitations for CarpeDiem2006, IIM Calcutta's annual cultural fest.
Reply as comment...I will check in again shortly...btw pretty informative blog!

Suvro Sarkar
PGDCM 1st yr
IIM Calcutta

suvro said...

U can also reply to


Abhishek Kumar said...

Hi Shabda
Its gr8 to see the hostels going
wi-fi.Hope u people can reap the
best out of it.

Here in BIT Kolkata some improvements r seen too.

Hope the Preperations for
BITUTSAV 2006 are on a upbeat
This time I wish to bring a big
team of contingent from Kolkata can please help out
with the proceedings ! Or forward me mail ID BITUTSAV Administrators.
Ok Bye ...Be in Touch

Abhishek Kumar said...

Hi shabda
can get the details of

Abhishek Kumar said...

please reply soon on
I need help on events of
BITOTSAV 2006 for my Kolkata