Wednesday, January 17, 2007

BITOTSAV is Finalized..well almost

According to our very TRUSTED sources, BITOTSAV 07 is from 11th of Feb to 14th of Feb. The dates of CONVOCATION have NOT been finalized as of now.

Moving on..some latest developments on campus.

The LAN is working in almost all hostels. The LAN speeds are good but the internet bandwidth provided to LAN users is abysmally low. However the gaming scene is picking up. We even have DC++ hubs.

The food in hostels have become unbearable thanks to the cold and certain other factors. Even dal ( Masala water ) is served chilled in all hostels.

Its placement time for Pharma and MBA people. Trident offered 6 MBA students a package of Rs.9 LPA. Congratulations to all. is blocked again. Need I say more.

and Lastly.. THERE ARE NO HEATERS IN BOYS HOSTEL ( Whoever said GIRLS have it bad)

Try having a bath at 8Am in the morning..

Thats it in this edition. Till the next one..