Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mid Semester marks

Exams are going to start for BE from 23rd. The mid semester marks were declared yesterday, for most of the branches. This is a major problem here. The mid semester marks are declared about ten days before end semester examination.
It seems that everybody got more marks than they expected. I got my all time highest. This time the way marks were arranged on the notice board was really funny. You could call it numeric-alphabetical. It was like 1, 11, 112, 12, 21, 213, 22, 31. Got the idea? Weird? That’s life for us. He he. But it was lots of fun trying to find where your roll number was.
Blog is probably gonna be quieter till the exams end. Not that I am gonna study a lot, I just want to feel like I am trying to study.

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