Wednesday, January 17, 2007

BITOTSAV is Finalized..well almost

According to our very TRUSTED sources, BITOTSAV 07 is from 11th of Feb to 14th of Feb. The dates of CONVOCATION have NOT been finalized as of now.

Moving on..some latest developments on campus.

The LAN is working in almost all hostels. The LAN speeds are good but the internet bandwidth provided to LAN users is abysmally low. However the gaming scene is picking up. We even have DC++ hubs.

The food in hostels have become unbearable thanks to the cold and certain other factors. Even dal ( Masala water ) is served chilled in all hostels.

Its placement time for Pharma and MBA people. Trident offered 6 MBA students a package of Rs.9 LPA. Congratulations to all. is blocked again. Need I say more.

and Lastly.. THERE ARE NO HEATERS IN BOYS HOSTEL ( Whoever said GIRLS have it bad)

Try having a bath at 8Am in the morning..

Thats it in this edition. Till the next one..



Atul Prasad said...

nahaane ka sahi TIME subah 7 baje hai ;-)

Anonymous said...

a> agree with atul
b> daily bath?
c> goto 5b for hot showers

srkraman said...

Funny that this post is from a guy who has rarely seen the light at 8 am...let alone takin bath!!

shabda said...

I heard that convocation has been postponed(The rumor mill says so). I really hope that is untrue, anybody having any heads up on that?
Oh and I changed this blog to the newer version of blogger, and changed the template. I hope that is ok with everybody.

shriti said...

hi friends when is the convocation can anybody tell?

Piyush said...

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Vivek said...

BITOTSAV 07 has been cancelled after d incidents dat happened durin d DANCE NITE on Monday Feb 12th 07....

Sasanka Rajaram said...

Hmm.. what abt convocation????

Abhishek Kumar said...

Its nice ti see that
u r still blogging bit.

shabd, i must say u r a tru blogger.
i did started once..then i left

now i am back with google-blogspot

check me in

Aayush said...

hi...readin ur blog reagardin how evrythin sucks(food net nd then drugs!!)...i am gettin EEE in BIT MESRA...shud i join...also the placements in this field this year wasnt gud...i am hopeful of getting mechanical or electrical in punjab engineering college(pec),chandigarh...wat shud i do..join pec or BIT MESRA...plz help..seniors...mail me at or call me at 9339872006...plz help

Rahul said...

hi this is Rahul-I am an MBA aspirant and wanted to pursue MBA from BITS - I am having 4 years of work experinece in engineering construction company.

pl. can u tell me about the final placements at BITS and admission procedure - as i have secured only 29% score in CAT 2007

nish said...

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