Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ankit "ethical hacking" Fadia!

Finally, Ankit Fadiya delivered a letcure. Only one way to describe it, huge, huge success. The cat was overflowing. His course costing 6000 RS was sold out in like 15 minutes. But most importantly he delivered a great lecture, witty, engaging and yet fun. Heck he even attempted a live hacking attempt and succeded.
Fadia's Website


Krishna Bhargav said...

hi shabd,

visit my blogs:"

kk kishore said...

ur maintainig this blog in an xelent manner , but have u deputed this task to do so to a junior , coz we have precious few days left ........ will b gud if this continues....

shabda said...

Thanks kishore. I always like hearing good things about myself.
Yep I was thinking on the lines of putting a post asking people if they would like to post here. Will do it in my next post. It seems pretty wasteful to just let this blog die.

dayanand said...

ya i know that u r
but i ask one q in between two h then u will g me ans-daya

kohinooe instu