Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who is responsible for stress in BIT?

Today, BIT had a stress management seminar, with the emphasis on reducing drug abuse. With the slew of suicides, BIT had to wake up to the drug abuse problem. But thats not the story for today.
Since BIT management considered this seminar to be pretty important, all classes were put off,to enable the students to attend the seminar. However Proff. D. Paul(ECE), insisted that everyone registered to his classes, attend classes. Finally, and Ill guess on instructions from heigher ups, he asked the students to attend the seminar but not before he had said,(almost verbatim),
"All said and done, I have lost my classes, and all due to one guy. Amit Lal. If he had to commit suicide, let him do it outside the collage".
Ok, without going into why Amit commited suicide, Ill say that
"All said and done, he has lost his life, and if he is no more he deserves more respect than that."