Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Placements at BIT, Mesra

After Satyam, so many more companies have come and many more yet to come. Birlasoft came and took an unexpectedly large number of people. The second rounds have started for ECE and Computer Science. The approximate numbers are
  • Birlasoft 61

  • Relaince Industries: 4

  • Mindtree Softwares: 6

  • Amdocs: 13

  • CSC: 14
Mindtree offered a very unsatisfying package of 2.5 lacs p.a. Amdocs gave 3.6 lacs plus other perks. Google placement proceeding are still going on. They probably will offer 7 lacs. Wow, even IndusLogic is giving 4.25 plus perks. And 95% of ECE is already placed. With about 20 people having two jobs. That’s just one month of placements done.


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Abhishek said...

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Aayush said...

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SALMAN... said...

hey, plz-plz hlp me out,,,
what is the placement criteria in BIT?
what is the avg.. pkg.. offered or acpt.. by student's?

SALMAN... said...

hey plz-plz hlp me out
what is the placement criteria in BIT
what is the avg.. pkg.. offered or acpt.. by student's

funforall said...

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