Sunday, August 27, 2006

BIT Mesra related sites.

ODP, or Open Directory project is a human edited directory. More information about it can be had at Now I was just trying to build a repository of sites about our college there. It can be found here . However it is pretty hard finding all quality sites as a google search for BIT Mesra gets you all sort of crap.
So if you guys are aware of interesting sites which can be listed there, can you leave a comment and let me know. Or better still just submit that at ODP?


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the new India search engine they added all the cool features of popular products like MySpace, YouTube, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. all for free to use and specifically for India. Anyone else try this yet? First to Blend Search, Social Network, Video Sharing and Auctions Into One Seamless Product for Indian Internet Users.

Apple Grew said...

How about adding BIT's forum to ur list of BIT related sites?

Ujjwal said...

I think Amit harlalka creates such a list on his blog

Digital Marketing said...

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