Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Microsoft On Campus

According to mail from the TPO, Microsoft is slated to visit the campus on 25th of July. Apart from MSFT and GOOG. The list of 12 companies include TATA MOTORS, TVS MOTORS, MARUTI UDYOG, L & T, Cummins, JUSCO, TATA STEEL and the IT biggies (ORACLE, TCS, INFY, CTS, Accenture and WIPRO).

Students(Girls included) have spent the entire summer vacations in the campus preparing for the placements. Post dinner discussions have drifted from the usual banter to dynamic memory allocation, optimum algorithms to how would you move mount Fuji to designing Bill Gates bathroom. Bill Gates Bathroom Wow!!(wonder how will it look..full of windows :)..I guess)

It rained today. The campus is looking very beautiful. WiFi completely rocks.. specially in the night.

This is my first post. I am Aditya. Take care. Happy surfing.


Fractalss said...

Can this be tagged with the official website of BIT Mesra. BIT Times with a disclaimer stating that the authority is not responsible with the contents of the Blog.
Is it possible for one of you guys to talk this out with VC,Dean or whoever it is ?
Saurav Mitra(97 batch)

Nikhil said...

i guess the best guy would be Pant sir.. The T&P Officer

shabda said...

I guess that would not be a wise Idea, coz, once you do that you in some way or othr lose your independence. If tagged as official you do have to go through a layer of beurocracy and I guess that wont be nice.

shabda said...

And aditya thanks for that updates. I remember those 2 months, the only months BITians study seriosly. Believe me once you get placed, nothing in the world can make you study.
Its nice to know that the campus scene is even better this year. BTW, when is oracle visiting the campus?

shabda said...

In the previous post ONE asked for write access which I have already sent. I guesss I donot know him, but considering the fact that he is a memeber of BIT-Rest in Pieces blog, that shouldnot be an issuse.
Also from the template I removed my personal links and added a link to bitrip.

Aditya said...

Oracle is on 29th July. I must say the list of companies and their ordering is really nice.

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