Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Does every club in BIT need to do a technical fest? Every club, worth(or not) its salt is doing some fest or other. In the next month, we have Zeitgeist, Dristant, Bitotsava. Will not it be better if there were lesser events but of better quality?
But Dristant promises to be real huge. Ankit "Ethical Hacking" Fadia is coming for guest lectures. So are many other lumanaries.
Recently Prof. Pant, head of Placement cell, told me that he has visited this blog. And I was wow.


Ankur Katiyar said...
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it's Mr.Nasty said...

hey shabda,
u r right,this funda of SOMANY techfests is diluting the bitotsava which is supposed to be the most respected fest in bit

deepak gera said...

so u wish to say that lenovo and toshiba, britannia and parle, pepsi and coke, microsoft and google should merge and their should be no rivalry. u r living in 21 century and you have to prove your supremacy to others.
L.N mittals doesnt exist in bit bro. if there wouldnt have been these many tech fests then there would have not been at all.

Krishna Bhargav said...

I completely agree with you Shabd,when all the events during these fests r the same,then why to dilute the participation by conducting them repeated number of times makin people bored of them and ultimately loosing interest.Rather these shud take place on a grand scale inviting other colleges participation too.
First of all these clubs here are not into competition but for the wealth nd welfare of the student fraternity,so they no more shud continue this mudslinging and its high they all start working together.
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