Monday, May 28, 2007

Convocation 07

Finally BIT decided to give connvocation to 2k2 batch, (thats me!).

Official announcement said,

The XVII Convocation of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra was held on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2005 at 10 a.m. at the Golden Jubilee Auditorium. Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission, was the Chief Guest and delivered the Convocation Address.
Addressing the XVIIth convocation of BIT, Mesra, he said: “Solving the problems of the society should be the foremost challenge for students graduating from technical institutions. India has now become a land of opportunity with multinationals using it as a outsourcing hub.”
During his presidential address, chancellor-cum-Governor Syed Sibtey Razi said: “Students passing out from here should strive to create new technologies, innovate on existing ones and generate jobs rather than looking for one.”

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

BITOTSAV is Finalized..well almost

According to our very TRUSTED sources, BITOTSAV 07 is from 11th of Feb to 14th of Feb. The dates of CONVOCATION have NOT been finalized as of now.

Moving on..some latest developments on campus.

The LAN is working in almost all hostels. The LAN speeds are good but the internet bandwidth provided to LAN users is abysmally low. However the gaming scene is picking up. We even have DC++ hubs.

The food in hostels have become unbearable thanks to the cold and certain other factors. Even dal ( Masala water ) is served chilled in all hostels.

Its placement time for Pharma and MBA people. Trident offered 6 MBA students a package of Rs.9 LPA. Congratulations to all. is blocked again. Need I say more.

and Lastly.. THERE ARE NO HEATERS IN BOYS HOSTEL ( Whoever said GIRLS have it bad)

Try having a bath at 8Am in the morning..

Thats it in this edition. Till the next one..


Monday, December 11, 2006

Another death in BIT. Foul play suspected!

The title says it all. And since I am not at BIT I can only give you second hand information.
The news is in national newspapers too. I was able to read the news here in Hyderabad.
After the dope cases, another round of free publicity for BIT?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mess ka "mess"!!!!

One of the biggest reasons for the almost hysterical joy of a BITIAN when he enters the final year is the allotment of the 'inner' hostels.Now these are a set of 'elite' hostels meant for final year BE students.Salient features include single occupancy rooms, and the bathrooms actually having a clean tiled floor....believe me these are a quantum leap from the 'outer' hostel where the pigeon hole principal does not aply....since each room is a pigeon hole and there are two pigeons in each...coming back to the point...we were extremely ecstatic when we made our annual nomadic journey from one hostel to another...and apart from the salient features mentioned above, we looked forward to the best part of it all....THE FOOD!!!....oh the food has always been so excellent and for the first few weeks we were actually gaining weight for the first time in our BITIAN days!....

Did ya note the past tense?...yeah thats because its no longer excellent...i wonder whether it is food at all any longer....what transpired within two weeks? could there be such a drastic change overnight?....well someone in the administration suddenly realized that "whoa!!...i need to change the system of 'extra's'...the mess has become a restaurant"....the system of extra's was simple...there will be a basic meal on top of which everyone can order dishes of his choice and each person will be charged individually for the system is like there will only be the basic meals and everyone will have to have that stuff no matter extra you would think that we will be paying less huh?...nope!...dont think are a few points i want to make...(i hope someone out there in the administration reads this...and his heart melts)

1) In the morning we can have either of 2 eggs or an apple or a glass of milk...what is that all about? do these things equate?...doesnt make any sense to me....if anyone wants to have 2 apples he doesnt get them even if the apples get wasted in the end...

2) We can have our eggs only boiled not and omlette...huh?...whats that all about?

3) If i dont mind paying extra money for better food then why should someone else have a problem with that?...

4) Why should i pay for a meal that i didn't have?

5) The reason for scrapping the extra system was that the mess workers used to put stuff on the students account and pocket a few bucks on the sly....dude...i would rather have those poor guys enjoy a good meal once in a while than someone else higher up the hierarchy.

There are many more things that annoy me about the changes in our mess...but i realize there is no use....i hope some official on the administration reads this and does something...why do people always change things that were going along smoothly in the first place?...there's some food for thought...(sorry for the cliche)...

p.s. Recent Developments :
The mess workers recently placed an order for 14 kgs of chicken for about 28 people....believe me i ate the chicken and the amount served was no where near to the 1/2 kg per person mark......Now the student mess committee....(which is constituted to bring to light such discrepancies)....reported the matter to the Dean-Students "Welfare" (note the inverted commas)....not surprisingly no action was taken against the mess workers....the entire committee resigned after this humiliation...

Thanx 2

Thursday, November 23, 2006

About Time

just heard this from some junior.
BIT is finally showing the answer sheets of the mid-term papers to the students.
Not something to be glad of for all of us, but a giant step forward from wondering about the laws governing mark distribution in the papers.

now this has only been done for 2k6, so atleast the rest of still live in doubt / hope / mystery.
Along with the new colour laminated ID cards they have been issued, the new syllabus structure
( 5 marks for attendance and 10 for project , out of the total 100), there are definitely a lot of positive changes coming around at BIT Mesra.
Let's just hope we get LAN and internet access from the comfort of our rooms in the next semester too.

gotta go study now.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

BIT Mesra related sites.

ODP, or Open Directory project is a human edited directory. More information about it can be had at Now I was just trying to build a repository of sites about our college there. It can be found here . However it is pretty hard finding all quality sites as a google search for BIT Mesra gets you all sort of crap.
So if you guys are aware of interesting sites which can be listed there, can you leave a comment and let me know. Or better still just submit that at ODP?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here is the current placement scenario as on July 27, 2006
TCS - Written - 250 Shortlisted
Google - 5 Shortlisted
Microsoft - 3 Offers
Tata Motors - 23 Offers
Maruti Udyog Limited - 11 Offers

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sattelite map of Bit

If you guys have not checked wikimapia head right there. Here is the map of our college . Awsome, won't you agree?

Friday, June 30, 2006

Stats for this blog

Wanna know how many people are reading Bit Mesra Times.

I have been tracking the stastics of BIT Mesra times a long time, but I was not aware that you counld make the stats public. So here you go now.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello there....

So ppl..
I'm here too...
to torment your senses with horrible sounding words and crude language.. but then that's the way life's s'posed to be fun in a college.. ain't it?

First things first.. thanks shabda... for inviting me to this blog...
Geting down to brass tracks.. the campus is damn boring right now... Nikhil might be having a ball of a time working out in the evenings (under the tutelage of Hercules himself) or trampling all over the campus, but still... the campus is very boring, food is scarce.. and Gupta's stock of chips is staler than ever. The canteen's open, but it ain't going to matter much i guess... The insects are flying thick and fast.. golf ball sized god-knows-what s are flying into rooms that have been inadvertently left open...

Placements-wise: Microsoft has put a pretty steep requirement - a cut-off CGPA of 6.9... WOW!!!
Mechanical guys have had a bit of a raw deal this time.. most of the core companies have been given a star (*) status, which means once placed in that company, you CAN'T sit for another one... not even the Dream company. And with strong indications that Caterpillar and ABB would be visiting campus sometime later this year, it certainly is distressing news... But still.. the TnP cell has been known to be benevolent to the studens, So, there must be some strategy behind all this.. I for my part , am keeping my fingers crossed.

I've just come to know that this blog has been visited by Pant sir, and I just wish to clear up ONE thing for my readers... This essentially reamins an unofficial blog.. It's what the students have got to say about stuff... it's their own opinion... I mean, I certainly wouldn't like to get onto the wrong side of the administration... For more colorful and entertaining details, you can visit the other blog I write for... our very own

So long...
Will see ya all guys later...
(hopefully, with a job)
Every war has it's casualities...
Every victory it's price